London Based Multidisciplinary artist: sculptor, print-maker and multi-media installation artist.

Regan Boyce is a multidisciplinary artist who creates vibrant, monochromatic, structural sculptures and installations. Borrowing from, and incorporating natural formations into his work through man-made & industrial materials and methods, he seeks to play with the notion of controlling and forcing nature to conform.

Exerting an ability to ‘control’ form Boyce uses natural structures as templates for geometric and skeletal sculptures. Through the ‘conversion’ process organic variations are replaced by harsh lines and sharp corners, these structural branches hold portals of light. This use of light as well as the bold use of colour enliven these objects further reinforced by their ability to create fractal like lines of shadow.

With the use of self-made and designed screen print equipment. Boyce uses  the screen-printing process to create abstract colour fields as well as using it as a tool to both react to and inform sculptures and installations.

Through continued experimentation with material, structure and colour, Boyce seeks to create sculptural installations that exist between minimalist construction and the observation of organic influence.